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Many people successfully manage their own investment property. However, property management can be time-consuming, legally tricky and frustrating, so it's not for everyone. For this reason Fee Managers exist; Custom House realty is one such fee manager.

For a fee, which is a percentage of the rent collected, Custom House realty will assume responsibility for some or all of the tasks that an owner of rental property would perform. It is often much easier for us to perform such tasks than it is for an individual owner. This is so because management is specifically our job, and we have accumulated through experience and study the knowledge necessary to successfully manage income property, while owners of such property may have many other demands and employment.

Our job essentially is to balance the interests of two parties, owners and tenants, to the mutual benefit of both. To achieve this, we offer to owners the ability to maintain a property in serviceable condition, to find good quality, long-term tenants, to collect rent, and, in fairly uncommon circumstances, to evict tenants who have proven to be undesirable. We move quickly to solve problems and protect the owner's investment. Custom House realty provides a monthly accounting to each owner.

Custom House realty currently manages about a hundred and fifty tenants, mostly on and near the Monterey Peninsula, with the exception of one 14-unit apartment in Stockton. The largest property we manage is a 34-unit complex in Marina. We would certainly welcome the opportunity to discuss managing your property.

We Offer These Property Management Services:

  • Thorough applications including credit verification through a national credit card data service

  • 24 Hour, 7 day/week service calls and maintenance repair

  • Interior inspections prior to new occupancies

  • Regular exterior inspections

  • Collection of rent

  • 3 day and 30 day notices

  • Eviction process as necessary

  • Rental appraisals

  • Thorough bookkeeping system with monthly detailed reports